Ella's headshot


Development Director
B.S. in Business Administration with a Concentration on Marketing

Where were you born and/or raised?
Crested Butte, CO

How long have you lived in Crested Butte?
All my life!

Why did you choose to work with people with disabilities?
I love working at the Adaptive Sports Center because of the high quality and caliber of people I have the opportunity to interface with daily. Every ASC client and employee has a story that is incredibly unique, and their outlook on life is incredibly positive.
How did you come to work with the ASC? How long have you been here?
I was working in Fort Collins after graduating from Colorado State University when I felt the mountains calling my name. I happened to have an outdated Crested Butte News in the back of my car that had an Adaptive Sports Center job posting in the employment section. I had always looked up to the folks at the Adaptive Sports Center so I applied, and I received a quick “no, your application is late.” Fortunately, even fate runs late and a few weeks later I started my new job, back home in Crested Butte. That was in 2006.  
How long have you been skiing/snowboarding?
I am one of the lucky few who grew up riding the Town Shuttle up and down and all around Crested Butte. At two years old my dad and mom lured me on to a pair of skis with hot chocolate, and at three they kept me coming back with the excitement of a chairlift ride. I am so thankful for my upbringing sliding around on snow.  
What's your favorite restaurant in Crested Butte?
I love them all. They are all unique, and they are all run by enthusiastic business professionals who sacrifice time in the sun to bring us fabulous fare.
What is your favorite ski resort?
I have enjoyed unforgettable days at Jackson Hole, Whistler, and Wolf Creek but there is no place like home. Crested Butte takes the cake!