Scott's headshot 


Programming Intern
Social worker who graduated in 2012; Outdoor education teacher, climbing trainer, rescue swimmer

"Go where no track is and leave a path."

I just love the mountains and to work with people in the outdoors. One of my favorite memories is cooking a goat in a super remote place on the hillsides of Kathmandu/Nepal.
Where were you born/raised?
I was born in Viechtach/ Germany located in the Bavarian Forest (National Park). Pretty good place to be!

How long have you lived in Crested Butte?
11 days
Why did you choose to work with people with disabilities?
Because you always get something back which makes you smile at the end of the day.
How did you come to work with the ASC? How long have you been here?
A friend told me about the program. 
How long have you been skiing/snowboarding?
Five years seriously.
What's your favorite restaurant in Crested Butte? 
Secret Stash and the Brick.
What is your favorite ski resort?
CBMR and all the backcountry there. Earth is a playground!