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The Adaptive Sports Center Ropes and Challenge Course is situated among the trees at the top of Red Lady Lift on Mt. Crested Butte. The course offers a fun way for you to push your perceived limitations in a safe and controlled environment.

The Ropes and Challenge Course is medium for adventure. Low and high elements are constructed of rope, cables, wood and trees. The course enables our clients — regardless of ability — to experience climbing in the trees and flying through the air. The challenge course embodies the philosophy of “universality," which combines attitude, training, structure and programming to create a place where experiences are equalized for all people. The series of “challenges” enhance teamwork, awareness, trust and team building and have applications to many different groups, families or individuals. 

Participants do not need to possess special skills or own special equipment, which is what makes the course such a special, equalizing experience.  Activities consist of low rope challenges, games and high elements such as the zipline, high bridge and ever-popular big swing.

Full or half day programs are available for groups of any size. If there are any specific goals that you would like to accomplish, please let us know and we will incorporate them into the day (e.g.: teambuilding, trust, fun).  

Challenge course participants will need to wear long, comfortable shorts or pants, bring a backpack or bag with a water bottle, and are recommended to bring extra layers such as a raincoat, and sunscreen.

Private Lesson
Private lessons are for individuals with disabilities/special needs, or family members who want one-on-one instruction.

Group Lesson
Group lessons are for individuals who do not need private or adaptive instruction and are of similar climbing ability.


Please call for pricing information.


Full Day
Times vary based on itinerary. Please call for more details.

Times vary based on itinerary. Please call for more details.