Water is the ultimate equalizer. Canoeing, kayaking and rafting are easily adaptable activities with ample opportunity for creativity. Our instructors will collaborate with you to come up with the best way to enjoy the peace and tranquility of water — or the excitement of whitewater! 

Our water programs take place at various lakes and rivers in and near the Gunnison Valley, including Lake Irwin, Blue Mesa Reservoir and the Gunnison River. We offer full-day adventures or multi-day expeditions that include paddling and safety instruction. For overnight excursions, our instructors are savvy at Dutch oven cooking and accessible campsite selection. Give us a call and our friendly staff will help you figure out the best water adventure option for you, whether it's canoeing, kayaking or rafting through the Gunnison Valley.

For water programs participants need to wear non-cotton clothing that dries quickly and bring a water bottle, extra layers, and sunscreen.

Private Lesson
Private lessons are for individuals with disabilities/special needs, or family members who want one-on-one instruction.

Group Lesson
Group lessons are for individuals who do not need private or adaptive instruction and are of similar ability.


Instructor to participant ratios are at the discretion of the ASC and vary by activity. Ratios are based on overall requirements of the participant(s) experience, complexities of necessary adaptations, overall activity risk management and logistics and the unique overall group management needs. Please call with questions.

Full Day
$175 each - one person
$140 each - two people
$110 each - three people
$100 each - four people
$90 each - five people
$85 each - six people +


Full Day
Times vary based on itinerary. Please call for more details.

Times vary based on itinerary. Please call for more details.