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Take the wheels off a bike, add skis and violà --  a ski bike is born! Ski biking is a new sport that's quickly gaining popularity. Riders wear very short skis called snowblades to help them guide the ski bike down the mountain. Ski bikes offer extra support for those who need extra balance assistance yet still desire to use the feeling of skiing. ASC Instructors can teach you the body movements required to navigate a ski bike downhill. As with all of our programs, ski biking can be adapted by including a safety tether for learning students. You are sure to enjoy this fun and unique sport that will leave a smile on your face long after your lesson.


Private Lesson
Private lessons are for individuals with disabilities/special needs, or family members who want one-on-one instruction.
Private Full Day Rate: $190  Private Half Day Rate: $125
Holiday (March 6 - 27) Full Day: $220 Holiday (March 6 - 27) Half Day: $130

Group Lesson
Group lessons are for individuals who do not need private or adaptive instruction and are of similar ski bike ability.
Group Rate: $110/person

Private Lesson With Lunch
Private lessons with lunch are ideal for the skier who wants a companion or an all-inclusive experience. Also great for the youth participant who requires lunchtime supervision.
Private Full Day & Lunch Rate: $295/person
Holiday (March 6 - 27) Rate: $300


Full Day
9:30am - Noon AND 1:00pm - 3:30pm
Lunch not included or supervised. Full day lessons meet at 9:15am.

Half Day
9:30am - Noon OR 1:00pm - 3:30pm
AM session meets at 9:15am. PM session meets at 12:45pm.

Full Day With Lunch
9:15am - 3:30pm
Lunch included and supervised.