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Being a part of the Adaptive team means being part of a very tight-knit group. We work together, play together, and sometimes even live together. All this togetherness works because there are certain characteristics every staff member shares. This list shows the top three things that every we cherish and would struggle to live without.


Americanos on Americano on Americanos. The constant caffeine rush keeps the office in high spirits and definitely helps warm up those chilly days in winter. It always helps that Camp 4 Coffee is so close to our office. 



We love them so much they get a special page on the website, complete with professional headshots. Griffin the Corgi even has more followers on Instagram than most of our human staff! This picture shows the office dog Kona hanging out with us at the GoPro Games. 



From GoPro Mountain Games to Ride the Rockies, we are constantly looking for way to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Luckily the base of Mt. Crested Butte is right outside our front door. 



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