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Last week I created a list of five things I want to accomplish while here in Crested Butte to help me feel more ingrained in the town culture.  Just like climbing a mountain, I decided to started at the bottom, which brings me to fifth and final #CBbucketlist item: to ride my bike to work.

It is also fitting that I attempt this task this week because Crested Butte Bike Week starts this Thursday, which includes the Bridges of the Butte 24-hour Townie Tour on Saturday. This tour consists of 24 hours on the bike seat riding laps around the town of Crested Butte to raise money for the Adaptive Sports Center. Watching all three Lord of the Rings movies in a row is the closest I have come to doing anything for 24 hours straight, so a practice ride to work seems like a good warm up to the biking bonanza about to ensue this weekend. 

I was in luck in that my co-worker and friend Robbie agreed to ride with me. Robbie suggested we ride the Recreation Path from town up to Mt. Crested Butte because it is paved and would be easier for a beginner like me. We donned our helmets (safety first!) and rode out for what turned out to be a strenuous yet rewarding journey. Below are the five emotional stages I went through as I climbed the three mile path to work this morning. 


Stage 1 – Excited Confidence

I am so ready for this! Not only am I saving gas money but I'm getting a workout! Three-miles uphill? No problem, I got this.


Stage 2 – Concern/Weariness

Hmm... The path is getting a little steeper now. What gear am I in? How far have we gone? Hopefully Camp 4 Coffee still has pastries left when we get to the top. 


Stage 3 – Determined Self-Preservation

My legs are burning, and I am white-knuckling the handlebars trying to get through this. It looks so much flatter from the highway! I can't let the cars see me struggle, ride on!


Stage 4 – Exhaustion

"Made it," was all I could manage between gasps of air. 


Stage 5 – Victory!

I am a biking champion! I am literally on top of the world and I want to do this everyday now...Well maybe let me ice my legs first. 


Below is the map of the path Robbie and I took. I can easily say that I cannot wait for five o’clock to roll around so I can reverse the trip and coast all the way home. I am well aware of how steep those hills are and will enjoy going down every single one. 

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