The Crested Butte Open is a four person golf scramble!

Each person hits his/her tee shot off each tee. The best shot will then be chosen and each player will play his or her next shot from that spot. This process will continue until the ball is holed. Once the ball is holed, no lower score can be taken on that hole
Must stay within one club length of original ball, may not change surfaces (rough to fairway, etc)
Must use two of each players drives
Ties will be broken by a scorecard playoff

Men will play blue tees, Women will play the red tees. Men over 60 may play from the white tees

Each team receives 20% of the teams total handicap with a maximum individual handicap of 36 for men and 40 for women.

We will be awarding both Gross and Net champions. Flight winners will be determined by gross score.

There is a maximum of three mulligans per TEAM (not per player). Mulligans can be purchased for $10 each.

Three feet maximum per TEAM at $20 per foot. You may move your ball the length of the string to the cup. The string must be used from the edge of the cup to the ball and can be used in sections or all at one time. You may not reuse any part of the string.