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Community Programs

Community Kids

“The kids that don’t get a chance to do things, like our kids in wheelchairs, get a chance to go and do stuff that they wouldn’t normally be able to do because Adaptive has the equipment and the teachers that can help them use it. I love that they can do that, and that translates into their everyday life I think. It gives them a greater sense of confidence and ability to do physical activities.” — Elise, Teacher with Gunnison County Schools

The Community Kids Program is a much-needed, unduplicated program for Gunnison County youth with disabilities. This program engages local children with disabilities in outdoor recreation. By participating in successful outdoor activities the community kids incorporate physical activity into their daily lives, and they develop confidence and communication skills. The skills, self-confidence and empowerment gained while participating in these activities transfer into their daily lives and help them to become healthier, happier, and more productive students and individuals. The program introduces children with disabilities to new ways of being healthy and active. In the winter, kids get to participate in skiing and snowboarding. In the summer, kids get to go hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, cycling and more.

“I think it’s an awesome program, it really helps them with their school work because it gives them more confidence to do their work and it motivates them to get their work done.” — Seth, High School Educational Assistant

Throughout both winter and summer, each participant is partnered with an ASC instructor who becomes his or her mentor throughout that season. The instructor becomes a positive role model, which ensures a successful experience. At the end of each season the ASC hosts a family day where each participant’s family is invited to join for inclusive activities, to share the student’s success and to help the family come up with ways to participate in recreation activity outside of the program. The Adaptive Sports Center’s Community Kids Program provides these children with unique opportunities to develop social and life skills that transfer directly to the classroom as well as in their everyday lives. As an additional benefit to the Gunnison Valley, The Community Kids Program alleviates the amount of adaptive accommodation that the Crested Butte and Gunnison recreation departments need to provide. The ongoing sustainability of the Community Kids program is critical to our community and its citizens.

You can support the Community Kids program by donating to the ASC here. You can select or write-in where your gift should go. For other ways to support this program, please contact us.

Locals Program

The Adaptive Sports Program Locals Program is open to all Gunnison Valley full-time residents who are interested in adaptive summer adventures. We also offer inclusive programming for the whole family. Locals Programs are offered every Saturday and Sunday between July 6 and September 21. Half or full day options are available. Contact Rob Guenther to learn more. 

Six Points
The Adaptive Sports Center has a long history of programming with Six Points Evaluation and Training in Gunnison. This summer, the Adaptive Sports Center is offering programming for Six Points participants on most weekends between June 23 and September 29 including rafting, Bridges of the Butte, canoeing/kayaking on Lake Irwin, hiking, nature photography, and more.