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Hector, Adhyayan, Jordan, and Blanca's Stories

The Expedition School's Story

The Expedition School, which specifically services the blind and visually impaired, has been working with ASC since 2016. The group visits Crested Butte twice a year for winter and summer programs.

“It’s been such a game changer for our students,” said The Expedition School’s founder and executive director Kimery Duda, on their collaboration with ASC. “Some of them have been with the program since the start and the sheer humble experience through rock climbing, skiing, mountain biking and ice climbing has just been so powerful for each student. It’s been incredible to see such a sustainable opportunity for the students to work on their skills in Austin and to come to the next level here in the mountains.”

Duda explained how the students are taught to compare the outdoor recreational challenges they experience in Crested Butte to their everyday life challenges. “We’re able to facilitate and identify those new challenges in the work that we do with Adaptive Sports Center in the outdoor arena, and we talk about those challenges and how we can take them back into reality. It’s just poetry to see them accomplish new goals and to grow and mature into their own and have such a supportive network of educators and guides with the Adaptive Sports Center,” said Duda.

"These experiences... It was something that I didn't know I could ever be blessed with. - Hector, Expedition School Participant

"When I first joined the Expedition School, I was afraid of water, snow, bikes, anything that had to do with outdoors. [The ASC] pushes you to the point you didn't even know you had in yourself." - Blanca, Expedition School Participant

"For me it's like a life anchor in a lot of ways. Every time I doubt myself I look back and think about the weeks I spent here and how much we can all do." - Jordan, Expedition School Participant

"I don't ski in Texas every day, but I take those lessons back with me. The larger life lessons, the bigger picture always keeps me going every day of my life." - Adhyayan, Expedition School Participant