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Major Giving Adventure Club

The Adventure Club is a group of passionate donors, committed to the mission of the Adaptive Sports Center, who invest $5,000 or more annually to support our programs. Adventure Club donors are vital to providing hundreds of ASC participants the types of adventures that have a positive enduring effect on self-efficacy, health, independence and overall well-being. Being a part of the club helps keep you connected to the mission of the ASC and introduces you to like-minded people who share the same commitment to ensuring the ongoing success of the organization.

The Adventure Club welcomes you!

As Adventure Club members we donate at this level because we care about our mountain community. We know that the mission of ASC enhances the quality of life of people with disabilities and its success enhances our special little town. The fact that such a special place has this state-of-the-art facility and programs is something we are extremely proud of. With the ongoing support of donors like you, we are able to create life-long connections between participants, their families and this great community we call home.
-Bob Valentine & Steve Bolton

We love being members of the Adventure Club. We enjoy the fun events and spending time with other donors who share our passion for helping Adaptive fulfill its mission of providing exceptional outdoor activities for those with disabilities.
-Meg & Michael Smith

Adventure Club Member Gear

Club members are eligible to receive a new piece of customized Adventure Club gear every other year. Please contact Lee Berglund at (970) 349-2296 or if you’re interested in receiving your donor appreciation gifts. 

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Adventure Club Members

As with any club, a lot of the fun is in the company you keep. Members are as varied as an ASC instructor's quiver of skis and represent nearly every state in the country.

2020-2021 Adventure Club Roster

2019-2020 Adventure Club Roster

Benefits of Giving

The Adaptive Sports Center is an approved Region 10 EZ Contribution Project which helps to maximize your tax benefits. Learn more about this and Federal Tax Rules such as the CARES act.