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Monthly Donor Club: The ASCent

Are you looking for a way to increase the impact your donations have on the Adaptive Sports Center? Help the ASC reach new heights by joining our monthly donor club The ASCent. Members of The ASCent will be recognized in newsletters and offered early RSVP and Registration options at many of our events through the year.

A Family of 3 wearing outdoorsy clothes with a mountain backdrop


"We give monthly because Adaptive is our son's happy place. He's been participating since 2017 and we've seen his self-confidence and skill set soar. We want others to have the same opportunities to grow through outdoor recreation, and the Adaptive Sports Center has the tools to make that happen." -Aimee & Matt Hoyt, Monthly Donors

Each donation to the Adaptive Sports Center helps us empower and advocate for our participants, while maintaining our endless pursuit of fun in the outdoors. By joining The ASCent, you will play an integral role in helping us achieve our mission--every month of the year--from our snowy winter lessons to the waist-deep flowers of the summer season.




Your donation may also be eligible for a Colorado State tax credit. The Adaptive Sports Center has been approved as a Region 10 EZ Contribution Project. What that means is that a taxpayer who makes a monetary contribution of $250 or more to the ASC is entitled to a Colorado Income tax credit of 25% of the value of the contribution up to a maximum credit of $100,000 per year. With federal deductions, this can mean that a $10,000 donation may only cost the donor $5,000 or less. 

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