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Challenge Course


The Adaptive Sports Center Ropes and Challenge Course is situated among the trees at the top of Crested Butte Mountain Resort's Red Lady Express Lift. The course offers an exciting venue where participants can push their perceived limitations.

Low and high elements are constructed of rope, cables, wood, and trees. They enable our participants — regardless of ability — to experience climbing in the trees and flying through the air. The challenge course combines attitude, training, structure and programming to create a place where experiences are equalized for people of all abilities.

Through this series of exciting and sometimes mind-bending challenges, our participants discover enhanced teamwork, awareness, trust, and learn skills that are applicable throughout their lives.

Participants do not need any special skills or equipment to participate in the challenge course. Activities consist of low-rope challenges, games, and high-rope elements like the zipline, high bridge, and ever-popular big swing.