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Access for All

We believe everyone should have access to the outdoors

Advocating for equal access to outdoor recreation activities for people with disabilities is core to our mission. Since our inception in 1987 we have accomplished this by offering adaptive adventures at a reduced cost.

We recognize that the cost to enjoy the great outdoors is commonly a barrier to participation. A typical adaptive full-day lesson costs the Adaptive Sports Center over $600. The new Access for All Initiative reduces the Adaptive Sport Center’s existing subsidized full-day rate to only $95. Donations and grants make up the remainder of the lesson cost.

$95 Full Day Lesson


“We recognize that the cost to enjoy the great outdoors is commonly a barrier for participation for people with disabilities, with the added requirement of specialized equipment and customized instruction. We want to make the cost equal to what the general public would pay to get out and enjoy the sun and great outdoors.”
– Chris Read, Program Director

At the Adaptive Sports Center, participants have access to state-of the-art equipment such as sit-skis and hand cycles for particpants with spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, and other disabilities. All participants get personal attention by an expert instructor. Many participants take lessons on an indefinite basis due to their need for adaptive services. These special considerations increase the cost of participation in enjoying these sports. The Adventure Equity Initiative levels the playing field.

Help sustain Access for All

Those who are able to contribute above the lesson fee can add a tax-deductible donation to their payment. This peer-to-peer show of support helps fellow adventurers with disabilities and their loved ones join the Adaptive Sports Center to experience the therapeutic value of outdoor adventures. If you'd like to join in your support, we welcome you to do so.

“Part of our commitment to the Access for All Initiative is to reduce our prices to make adaptive sports accessible to more people with disabilities and their families. If additional assistance is needed for the lesson price, we have an amazing scholarship fund. No matter what, we want to get everyone interested out to experience our programs.”
– Chris Read, Program Director