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Mountain biking takes you off the beaten path and into the wild. A mecca for mountain biking, Crested Butte offers unlimited opportunities for anyone — whether you’re a beginner or an expert cyclist.

The Adaptive Sports Center has a variety of leg and arm powered adaptive cycling options for off-road adventures. Our instructors help you choose the bike that sets you up for success and an adventurous learning experience.

Instruction is customized to your experience level. A typical introductory session begins with bike selection and a quick overview of bike anatomy. Once the basics of balance, braking and shifting are covered, riders will hit one of Crested Butte’s many beautiful trails.

Additional fees for bike rentals may apply for family members and friends.

Lithium E-Bike Battery Storage Policy: If you are staying at an ASC property during your visit or if you leave your bike unattended inside an ASC property, the ASC requires the use of ASC battery boxes, or designated outside storage locations for lithium e-bike batteries.



We are proud to offer our unique downhill mountain biking program utilizing 4-cross mountain bikes. These downhill bikes are 4-wheeled and gravity-driven and allow for lift access, an exciting option for those who wish they could skip the uphill push and jump straight to the downhill exhilaration. That is right, the bikes are loaded onto the chairlift taking you to the top of the trails–gravity does most of the rest!

Do you want to pedal a bit? This same option is available using the Adaptive Sports Center’s various arm and leg-powered adaptive mountain bike selection. This option is great for those who are curious about various bike designs and possibly thinking about a future purchase.

Our instructors guide and assist participants down the mountain. Choose to learn and practice while exploring user-friendly wide trails. If you are ready, head out to the more technical and steeper terrain with rock gardens, berms and technical wooded sections. This high-adventure activity focuses on increasing strength, self-confidence, as well as establishing good adaptive biking skills and techniques. The Adaptive Sports Center recommends taking an introductory mountain bike lesson as a pre-requisite. Downhill biking may not be suitable for all populations or ages. Please inquire before booking.

Downhill biking is offered approximately June 20th - September 1st, depending on Crested Butte Mountain Resort’s lift operations for the year. National Forest Service Regulations do apply.

Additional fees for bike rentals may apply for family members and friends.


Explore everything from scenic Rocky Mountain highways to quiet backroads on a high-tech bicycle propelled entirely by arm strength. Road biking provides the opportunity to maximize mileage with smooth riding, and is a skillset that can be taken anywhere with paved roads. Participants can learn and experience road biking and return home with a newfound freedom.

Additional fees for bike rentals may apply for family members and friends.