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Adaptive Equipment Rental Policy

The ASC is primarily an instruction based program. Adaptive equipment rentals may be available with the below considerations.

Renter Essential Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Is a minimum age of 21
  2. Has the ability to provide a full value damage/replacement deposit for the equipment ($500 - $7,000)
  3. Has the ability to be a fully independent user of the equipment
  4. Has the availability to do 1 -2 hour skills check and orientation for the specific piece of equipment
    1. Half day lesson rates may apply
  5. Rental is confirmed a minimum of 48 hours before pick up
  6. Renter Agrees:
    1. He/She is responsible for all repair expenses, including labor
    2. Equipment must be clean and fully functional upon return
    3. Late returns have a $150/hr fee
    4. Winter equipment may only be used at Crested Butte Mountain Resort
    5. Summer equipment may only be used in the Crested Butte area as agreed
      1. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management regulations apply, specifically in the considerations of adaptive cycle tread width and Wilderness Area access (no mechanized equipment)
      2. Canoes are not allowed on flowing bodies of water

The ASC will rent adaptive equipment out at its discretion. Rental availability may be based on:

  1. Lesson/equipment demands
  2. Potential lesson/equipment demands
  3. Resort congestion
  4. Staff availability for check off process

The ASC does not rent out adaptive equipment:

  1. To users under 21 years of age
  2. To users who cannot demonstrate full independence with equipment
  3. To users who cannot provide a full value damage/replacement deposit
  4. That requires second party tethering or similar assistance for controlling and/or assisting in the use the equipment
  5. That is an; inflatable (SUP, Duckies, Rafts), Ski Bike, 4-Cross Down Hill Bike, Vehicle, Climbing Safety or Hardware, rare/one of a kind/not replaceable