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Jose's Story

The Road To Recovery




One American Soldier. Combat Medic. US Army. Cyclist. Chef.

This short film shares Army Specialist, José Santiago's road to recovery.  

“When you join the military, you can’t join thinking you are not going to go to war,” says José. During his time as a combat medic in Iraq, Santiago witnessed many lives being lost. After the death of his friend, he stopped caring and explains a different person came back.

“Those memories, you can’t erase them,” says Jose. “I felt very dark.” As he struggled with his PTSD, he learned that when he is on his bike, he gains freedom from his thoughts.  

The Adaptive Sports Center serves veterans and military with disabilities through our Operation Rise & Conquer program. As Jose shares, “You never do anything alone in military. You have a battle buddy. Someone you can count on.” Through sports, this comradery is regained. “Even if only for a week, that could be week that saves someone’s life.”  

We are humbled to serve athletes with all forms of disabilities. Seen and unseen. PTSD is a silent killer with historically high suicide rates and few solutions. Healing is a lifelong process, but veterans need not go it alone, And when they arrive, we will be ready.


Operation Rise & Conquer allows the Adaptive Sports Center to offer veterans, active military and first responders with disabilities and their families $50.00 full day lessons for summer and winter activities. The special rate is also available to veterans, active military and first responders who have a family member or child with a disability.