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Summer 2021

Thank you for your interest in participating with the Adaptive Sports Center. Summer programs are open through October 3rd. Winter registration will open October 15th. If you are interested in Winter Registration, click here.

Beginning Monday, September 6, 2021, the Adaptive Sports Center will require all incoming participants, including any other non-participating persons accompanying the participant(s), to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. Anyone registered before September 6th can continue to follow the prior testing protocols or vaccine option that were in place at the time of registration.

Participants and any other non-participating persons accompanying the participant(s) who are not medically able to be vaccinated, including those not old enough to be vaccinated (at the time of publication under the age of 12), will continue to have the ASC's testing protocols as a viable pathway to participation. These individuals will need to provide negative test taken within 5 days prior to participation. Additionally, masks will be required at all times while inside and will be required when within 10 feet of other participants, staff, and the general public while outside. 

Policies and procedures for vaccinated and unvaccinated participants can be reviewed in our COVID-19 Participant Agreement.

The ASC is a highly interactive environment, and this update is for the benefit of many of our participants who have primary or underlying conditions that are COVID risk factors. We are happy to report that our entire staff and volunteers are fully vaccinated and we're ready to have some fun in the mountains.


Please submit your registration two weeks in advance of your desired lesson dates and be advised that additional requirements* may apply to all individuals who will be participating in ASC programming, including (but not limited to) participants, their families, friends and trip leaders. These are outlined in our COVID-19 Participant Agreement.


Wait for a registration confirmation on lesson date and time. Do not finalize any travel reservations in the event we are booked for your desired dates.


Once your activities are confirmed, you can book airfare, lodging and any other travel considerations.


If you are a full-time resident of Gunnison or Hinsdale County, please complete the following Community Registration.


* Lessons are subject to cancellation if pre-trip requirements are not met. All participants must complete and submit the ASC Participant COVID-19 Vaccine Questionnaire and the ASC COVID-19 Disclosure and Informed Consent Agreement. For vaccinated participants we will require a copy of your vaccination card and for unvaccinated participants you will be asked to provide a negative COVID-19 test completed within 5 days of your visit. Please review our COVID-19 Participant Agreement for all requirements.


All activities offered at the Adaptive Sports Center are done so at a reduced cost. Even so, cost can be a barrier and we strive to serve all people, regardless of their financial situation. The scholarships we provide can cover everything from daily programming fees to travel, lodging and meals. Learn more >