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Mission and Vision


The Adaptive Sports Center enhances the quality of life of people with disabilities through exceptional outdoor adventure activities. The successful programs the ASC provides are inclusive to families and friends, empower our participants in their daily lives and have a positive enduring effect on self-efficacy, health, independence and overall well-being. 


The Adaptive Sports Center’s objective is to set the standard of excellence for adaptive recreation and adventure programming. Through providing year-round activities the ASC will focus on being the model in adaptive adventure recreation. By incorporating the latest therapeutic recreation practices, professional facilitation and utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, we will provide programming that has a lasting impact on the quality of our participants' lives. To achieve this we will continue to focus on: 

  • Outcomes
  • Facilities & Equipment
  • Collaborations

Our staff is of the highest quality and is viewed as our most important asset. The ASC believes that a professional, skilled staff is the ultimate key in providing an experience of premier quality for our participants. To achieve this we will continue to focus on: 

  • Training
  • Professional Development
  • Certifications


  • Advocacy
  • Collaboration
  • Education
  • Empowerment
  • Environmental Practices
  • Ethical Practices
  • Fun
  • Risk Management
  • Self-Efficacy
  • Wellness

What We Do

At the Adaptive Sports Center, we provide high-quality outdoor recreation for people with disabilities.

Our staff is highly trained and extremely knowledgeable in the field of adaptive recreation. We believe each individual is unique, and therefore each adaptation is approached with a fresh perspective. Because of this, our participants get the individual attention they deserve in order to have an amazing outdoor adventure.

We provide outdoor recreation for both the summer and winter seasons, for all levels and abilities.

Who Can Participate

Anyone with a disability can participate. Our participants range from the advanced athlete looking to develop new skills and accomplish new goals to the never-ever looking to experience a new adventure. Either way, our guides and instructors are qualified to help you reach your goals.


At the ASC, it is our belief that outdoor recreation is something to be shared. We provide lessons for people with disabilities as well as their close friends and family. Both private and group lessons are available to family members and friends.