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ASC COVID-19 Participation Agreement

Together we can Adapt Responsibly

Hello, and thank you for considering the Adaptive Sports Center (ASC) this winter. The ASC is a highly interactive setting that works with people with numerous health considerations who arrive from and return to all areas of the country. The well-being of our amazing participants, beloved instructors, and small community will continue to be a priority as we venture into the whiter, colder, and fluffier time of year – Winter! While we cannot eliminate the risk of COVID-19, if we all work together, we feel we can not only mitigate the spread of the virus, we can also have a fantastic season. 

The ASC's mitigation approach is planning, testing, screening, masking, washing, and distancing. With this focused effort, we look forward to teaming up with our participants and families to adapt responsibly. 

The following information will help with numerous important considerations and planning details for your trip. These considerations apply to those who will be accessing the ASC's services, including, but not limited to, participants, family members, friends, and trip leaders. We appreciate your support, and we look forward to getting "out there" with you.


  1. In addition to following the Essential Eligibility Criteria below, please review the Gunnison County Public Health Orders below. Make sure participation is a good fit for you or the participant you are assisting. 
  2. Participant(s) and other visitors who will also be directly involved in programming will be asked to take a COVID-19 or an antibody test within 10 days of their first day of programming. 
    1. For the well-being of our much-loved participants and instructors, anyone who tests positive or is unable to provide test results will not be allowed to participate. We appreciate your understanding. Our instructors will be interfacing with participants from around the country this season, and we are trying to do everything possible to protect them and our participants.
    2. Tests are due to the ASC a minimum of 48 hours before the first day of programming. 
    3. Lessons are not confirmed until results are received. Lessons and activities will be postponed until results are provided.
    4. Additional testing details will be further outlined during your registration process
    5. Check with your local testing provider on the timing of the result and plan accordingly. Link: My Local Testing Site
  3. Submit your registration a minimum of two weeks in advance of your desired lesson dates. Due to numerous ASC and Crested Butte Mountain Resort considerations, the sooner you submit your registration, the better.
  4. Participants must be independent in their basic activities of daily living (ADLs) or will be accompanied by someone who can assist. Participants must also be in need of minimal physical assistance during their ASC-associated activities. Basic activities of daily living (ADL) are defined here. 
  5. You are advised not to participate in ASC programming if you are part of a population that is at high-risk for COVID-19 complications. Please follow this link to find out if you are at high-risk for severe illness due to COVID-19. 
  6. Please be aware that medical resources in the Gunnison Valley are limited due to the rural healthcare system, with the closest level one trauma center 90 miles from Crested Butte.  You can find more details about the Gunnison Valley healthcare system here.
  7. Individuals must agree to all pre-trip information, which will be sent from the ASC before your arrival. This includes a pre-trip symptom survey that must be filled out by everyone in your party (both participants and non-participants). Please review the ASC's COVID-19 Testing and Screening Information and COVID-19 Disclosure and Informed Consent Agreement.
  8. Plan for the best. Prepare for the "what if?" Due to the fluid nature of the pandemic, the ASC highly recommends that individuals purchase travel insurance that includes, but is not limited to, travel, lodging, meals, and non-ASC rentals.
    1. If a cancellation occurs due to COVID-19, the ASC will fully refund any activity-specific fees. Accrued travel, logistics, and medical costs associated with the illness will be the responsibility of the participant.

Gunnison County COVID-19 System Overview

  1. Please review the Gunnison County COVID-19 management system: 
    1. Green: No restrictions apply
    2. Blue: The ASC will allow programming within the parameters of the current Public Health Order.
    3. Yellow: The ASC may allow programming within the parameters of the current Public Health Order. The ASC may allow any programming that is already in process to continue as planned and meets the criteria of the current Public Health Order. Extra precautions or considerations may be needed. Programming that has not yet begun will not be allowed to begin. The beginning of programming is defined as the first scheduled activity session of the visit that has been provided.
    4. Orange: No ASC programming is allowed and is restricted by the county. Any ASC programming in progress will not be allowed to continue. It is more than likely that the ski area will be shut down at this level.
    5. Red: County Shutdown
  2. More information on our local resources and Public Health Orders can be found in these links:
    1. View the latest Gunnison County Health Orders: Here
    2. View the Gunnison County Corona Meter: Here


  • Register at least 2 weeks before your desired visit dates – the sooner, the better.
  • Receive your registration confirmation from the ASC.
  • Are you coming with friends and family? This season, they will need to reserve their chairlift access with Crested Butte Mountain Resort. Use this link to purchase tickets or make a reservation (season pass holders): Ski CB!
  • Make your additional reservations for travel, lodging, and other services. Consider important cancelation policies. 
  • Purchase travel insurance. Due to the unpredictable times, the ASC strongly recommends travel insurance.
  • Make arrangements for a test. You can find your local testing site here: My Local Testing Site
  • Get your test or confirmation of antibodies and kindly share your test results with the designated ASC staff person. 
  • After your test, please practice "safer-at-home" as best as possible. Safer-at-home information can be found here.
  • Pack! The full packing list can be found here.
  • Before you depart for Crested Butte, affirm you are symptom-free. For a full list of COVID-19 symptoms, please follow this link.
  • Hit the Road - Crested Butte here we come! Please follow these guidelines as you travel: CDC Travel Guidelines


  1. We deeply care about our participants and everyone at the ASC. We will be following CDC guidelines during your visit. Please see this as a sign of respect.
  2. We have our limits, literally. Due to square footage limitations, guardians and non-participants are not allowed to congregate in waiting areas. Please limit drop-off and pick-up to one individual. Pick-up/drop-off locations will be designated to be outdoors as often as possible. Non-participants will be asked to leave immediately following the participant's COVID-19 symptom survey. It is also required that the parent/guardian wear a suitable face covering and social distance during pick-up/drop-off procedures. If parents/guardians are needed for time beyond pick-up/drop-off, they will have to comply with appropriate face-covering, social distancing, and PPE requirements.
  3. "Don't stand so close to me." The ASC will be following Gunnison County social distancing guidelines for outdoor programming with a minimum of 10 feet during programming sessions and 6 feet during non-activities. Those who cannot or will not maintain social distancing requirements will not be allowed to participate.  
  4. Put on your Game Face – and then your mask. Masks are strongly encouraged at all times and will be required when within 10 feet of other participants, staff, and the general public while outside. They will be required at all times while inside. 
  5. The ASC staff will be able to have closer contact as needed for very limited amounts of time and up to 15 minutes of cumulative time throughout the day per Gunnison County and CDC recommendations.
  6. “Neck Gaiters” or “Neck Tubes” or similar are not considered appropriate as “face coverings” or “masks” at the ASC nor by the CDC. CDC mask information can be found here: Mask!
  7. An easy 15 seconds! Participants, staff, and volunteers must pass a daily pre-activity symptom screening.  This link provides details on what will be included in this screening.
  8. Cleanliness is next to Radness! Hygiene is key. Plan on washing or sanitizing hands upon arrival and being reminded to do so numerous times throughout the day.
  9. Continue to celebrate with new signs of STOKE! While 'High-fives, ’hugs, unnecessary contact and certain behaviors, such as spitting, are prohibited… Raising the roof, uncontrollable singing, air 10s, and best solo dance moves are still strongly encouraged!
  10. Respect for other's comfort zones. People will desire and need their space. During programming, interaction with other ASC participants and the general public will be minimized to the greatest extent possible.
  11. Everyone will be asked to show up with clean clothing and personal items.  Examples of this include your ski jackets, helmets, water bottles, gloves, etc. 
  12. If you are planning on having lunch at the ASC, keep food simple and plan on "brown bagging it." Hot water and microwaves will be available. Refrigeration will not be available. You are also encouraged to bring your own water bottle to avoid using public water fountains. The ASC can provide basic utensils, plates, and cups, if needed.
  13. Easy come- easy go! Participant's should plan on vacating the building immediately after their lesson so we can clean and prepare for the next day.
  14. Play by the "Rules!" We know that there are a lot of new "rules" for everyone this winter.  However, if the ASC staff determines that a participant cannot comply with reasonable accommodation or refuses to meet his/her obligations, we will need to cancel any and all lessons

What if there are Signs and Symptoms during the visit?

  1. Go with the health care pros as needed. If a participant is feeling moderate to severe symptoms after hours, they will be directed to call the local health care professionals and follow those directives. Gunnison County Public Health Hotline: 970-641-7660
  2. Participants and families must be able to accommodate personal medical needs if a participant or someone in their party becomes ill during the trip. Please be advised that this could include working directly with local health officials and services for medical care.


  1. It takes a community. Please help communicate any COVID-19 symptoms that occur within two weeks following your trip to the ASC and Crested Butte. Report Here
  2. Keep us in the loop! Participants will be sent post-visit survey and, to the best of their ability, please complete it and send it back to the ASC after your visit.