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ASC COVID-19 Participation Agreement

As we learn how to provide our services in this new era, the well being of our amazing participants and beloved instructors will continue to be a priority. 

The ASC is a highly interactive setting that works with a variety of people with different health considerations who arrive from and return to all areas of the country. As our team prepares to reopen our doors and we begin to provide programming again, we aim to mitigate the possibility of COVID-19 through multiple considerations: pre-visit testing, the framework of the current Public Health Orders and a post-visit follow-up. 

Please be advised that the following requirements apply to all individuals who will be participating in ASC programming, including (but not limited to) participants, their families, friends and trip leaders. We appreciate your understanding, and we look forward to getting "out there" with you again.

The latest public health status in Gunnison County can be found here.

The ASC will allow or suspend programming based on the Gunnison County COVID-19 Risk Level Indicator (Green-Red).

  1. Green: No restrictions apply
  2. Blue: The ASC will allow programming within the parameters of the current Public Health Order.
  3. Yellow: The ASC may allow programming within the parameters of the current Public Health Order. The ASC may allow any programming that is already in process to continue as planned and meets the criteria of the current Public Health Order. Extra precautions or considerations may be needed. Programming that has not yet begun will not be allowed to begin. The beginning of programming is defined as the first scheduled activity session of the visit has been provided.
  4. Orange: No programming is allowed. Any programming in progress will not be allowed to continue.

More information on the Gunnison County COVID-19 Risk Level Indicator can be found by following this link.


  1. Individuals must be symptom-free for at least two weeks before their visit to the ASC. For a full list of COVID-19 symptoms, please follow this link.
  2. The ASC strongly prefers that all participants submit registration a minimum of two weeks in advance of their requested lesson dates.
  3. Once it is determined that participant(s) meets criteria:
    1. Participant(s) will be asked to take a COVID-19 or an antibody test within 7-10 days of their first day of programming. Check with local provider on test result timing and plan accordingly.  
    2. Results of either test are due to the ASC a minimum of 48 hours before the first day of programming. Test results will need to be emailed directly to a designated staff person. These details will be outlined in your registration process. Lessons are not confirmed until results are received.
    3. Anyone who has tested positive or is unable to provide test results will not be allowed to participate, for the well-being of yourselves and our much loved instructors. We appreciate your understanding that the instructors will be interfacing with participants from around the globe this season, and we are trying to do everything possible to protect them and you.
    4. Please review the ASC's COVID-19 Testing and Screening Information and COVID-19 Disclosure and Informed Consent Agreement
    5. Please follow this link for further details on who should be tested.
  4. Before registering with the ASC this season, please make sure that you are able to comply with the current county and state public-health orders and regulations. Updated information can be found by following this link.
  5. Please be aware that medical resources in the Gunnison Valley are limited due to the rural healthcare system.  Due to this concern, we strongly encourage everyone to use your local healthcare resources for the pre-trip test before traveling to Crested Butte. You can find more details about the Gunnison Valley healthcare system here.
  6. You are advised not to participate in ASC programming if you are part of the high-risk COVID-19 population. Please follow this link to find out if you are at high-risk for serious illness due to COVID-19. 
  7. Participants, family members and trip leaders are strongly encouraged to practice "safer-at-home" guidelines to the best of their ability for two weeks before their trip to Crested Butte. Safer-at-home information can be found here.
  8. Individuals must be able to agree to all pre-trip information, which will be sent from the ASC before your arrival. This will include a pre-trip symptom survey that must be filled out by everyone in your party (this includes participants and non-participants). 
  9. Participants agree to bring all required items on the ASC pack list, including hand sanitizer, a high-quality multiple layer face covering and other items. The full packing list can be found here.
  10. Individuals will follow all CDC guidelines concerning their travel to Crested Butte and back to the point of origin. Current CDC travel guidelines can be found here.
  11. The ASC highly recommends that individuals purchase travel insurance for non-ASC activity expenses due to the changing nature of county and state regulations. This includes, but is not limited to, travel, lodging, meals and non-ASC rentals.



  1. The ASC will be following Gunnison County social distancing guidelines of a minimum of 10 feet during programming sessions. Participants who cannot or will not maintain social distancing requirements will not be allowed to participate.  Masks will be required within 10 feet of participants, staff and general public. The ASC staff will be able to have closer contact for very limited amounts of time during the day per Gunnison County regulation.
  2. Individuals must pass a daily pre-activity symptom screening.  This link provides details on what will be included in this screening.
  3. If a cancellation occurs due to COVID-19, the ASC will fully refund any activity-specific fees. Accrued travel, logistics and medical costs associated with illness will be the responsibility of the participant.
  4. If participant are feeling moderate to severe symptoms after hours they will be directed to call 911.
  5. Participants or families who have the ability to do so, may be asked to provide their own transportation to programming locations.
  6. Participants and families must be able to accommodate personal medical needs if a participant or someone in their party becomes ill during the trip. Please be advised that this could include working directly with local health officials and services for medical care.
  7. Participants must be independent in their basic activities of daily living (ADL’s) or will be accompanied by someone who can assist. Participants must also be in need of minimal physical assistance during their ASC-associated activities. Basic activities of daily living (ADL’s) are defined here. 
  8. Participants must arrive at their scheduled programming activities each day with clean clothing and personal items.  Examples of this include helmets, water bottles, gloves, etc. 
  9. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring their own food to their scheduled day of activities. Participants from separate households will not be allowed to share food during programming. You are also encouraged to bring your own water bottle to avoid using public water fountains. If you don’t have your own water bottle, the ASC will provide you with one that is not to be shared between participants. 
  10. Guardians and non-participants are not allowed to congregate in waiting areas. Please limit pick-up to one individual. Pick-up/drop-off locations will be designated to be outdoors as often as possible. Non-participants will be asked to leave immediately following the participant’s COVID-19 symptom survey. It is also strongly recommended that the parent/guardian wear a face covering and social distance during pick-up/drop-off procedures. If parents/guardians are needed for time beyond pick-up/drop-off they will have to comply with appropriate face-covering, social distancing and PPE requirements.
  11. Participants will be asked to vacate immediately after the conclusion of their sessions.
  12. Participants will wash or sanitize hands upon arriving and numerous times throughout the day to the best of their ability depending on setting. 
  13. ‘High-fives', hugs, unnecessary contact and spitting will be prohibited. Participants who are not able or willing to follow this requirement will not be allowed to participate.
  14. During programming, your interaction with other ASC participants and the general public will be minimized to the greatest extent possible.



  1. Individuals agree to communicate any COVID-19 symptoms that occur within two weeks following your trip to the ASC and Crested Butte. 
  2. Individuals also agree to fill-out the post-visit survey to the best of your ability, and send it back to the ASC within two weeks.