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SAVE THE DATE! Winter registration opens on October 15th!

​​​​​Thank you for choosing the Adaptive Sports Center in Crested Butte, Colorado!  Summer programming is open now to October 6th. We are looking forward to adventuring with you this season. 

The ASC does have limited programming capacity. To assure that we have space for you to participate during your visit to Crested Butte, we recommend the following sequence for booking all activities. 

  1. Submit registration form
  2. Receive confirmation that your selected lesson is available
  3. Make travel and lodging arrangements

Prior to your visit, please take time to complete your registration and lesson request.  This information is essential to our ability to provide a successful and unique experience, so please be thorough and accurate.  If you have any questions, concerns, issues, etc., please email us at or call (970) 349-2296 for assistance.


Instructor-to-participant ratios are at the discretion of the Adaptive Sports Center and may vary by activity. Ratios are based on overall requirements of the participant(s) experience, complexities of necessary adaptations, overall activity risk management, logistics and the unique overall group management needs. Please call with any questions you may have.

Full Day - Instructor : Participant ratio
$195 each - 1:1
$155 each - 1:2
$120 each - 1:3 
$110 each - 1:4
$100 each - 1:5
$95 each - 1:6+ people

Half Day - Instructor : Participant ratio
$145 each - 1:1
$115 each - 1:2
$95 each - 1:3
$85 each - 1:4
$75 each - 1:5
$70 each - 1:6+ people 

Military & First Responders
$35 each - Full day or half day

Overnights (based on availability)
$100/per person/night -  other fees may apply


The Adaptive Sports Center (ASC) offers scholarships for activities for individuals in need of financial assistance. All activities provided by the ASC are done at reduced cost but we strive to provide programming for all regardless of financial situation. We ask that you please pay what you can and only ask for what you need to help our scholarship fund stretch and stay available to everyone that needs it. 

If you need assistance filling out this form, please do not hesitate to contact the ASC and a staff member will be happy to assist. 

Click here to complete scholarship form.  For questions, please contact Elizabeth at

2019 Summer Registration - Register Today!

Registration in ASC activities is subject to our cancellation policy. Please read this policy before registering. 

All participants, including family and friends must complete the below registration.

Participant Registration

Community Registration

We look forward to adventuring with you soon!   - The ASC