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CBMR Anticipated Terrain Openings

The ASC gives a huge thanks to CBMR and their Snowmaking Team for making sure we will have ample skiable terrain as we head into mid and late December. Here is the most recent update:

As of 12/12, Red Lady Express Lift, Peachtree Lift, Paradise Express Lift, Pine Carpet, and Aspen Magic Carpet Lift are open. 

Summary of Lift Opening Plans:

Friday, 12/15  Silver Queen & Painter Boy Lifts
Saturday, 12/16 – Teocalli Lift will reopen 
Wednesday, 12/20 – Prospect Lift
Saturday, 12/23 – East River & West Wall Lifts, Spruce Carpet
Tuesday, 12/26 – Gold Link Lift

Anticipated Terrain Opening Details:

CBMR is excited to be opening more terrain as we ramp up operations in anticipation of the holiday season!  We are pleased to announce we expect to have 13 of 15 lifts spinning by Christmas week. Our snowmaking team is doing an incredible job maximizing their opportunities to make as much snow as they can.  As always, all openings are anticipated openings but the resort is doing its very best to work to open more lifts and terrain!  Kudos to all staff who have been working hard to get our season off to a good start. A special thank you to our Snowmaking, Mountain Operations, and Patrol teams for all their work on the mountain to get terrain ready for winter, along with those culinary outlets who are gearing up to open this weekend!  

This Friday, December 15, we anticipate opening the Silver Queen and Painter Boy lifts.  Silver Queen is planned to open with Windy Gap, Silver Queen Road, Triangle, Upper Keystone, Upper Park, and Ruby Road.  Painter Boy is expected to open with Splain’s Gulch and a terrain park. With the addition of Teocalli Lift spinning on Saturday for daily operations, we expect to have 8 lifts running this weekend. For Sunday, December 17, we are slated to open Upper International, Upper Forest Queen, and Upper Caanan.  

Next week, Prospect Lift is expected to open on Wednesday, 12/20. The East River and West Wall lifts, along with the Spruce Carpet, are planned to open Saturday, December 23 which will mean we expect to have 12 lifts open prior to Christmas.  We also anticipate opening the Gold Link lift by Tuesday, 12/26, therefore increasing our lift count to 13 of 15 lifts within the next two weeks.   

Culinary Update:

On the on-mountain culinary side of things, Paradise is open and we look forward to the new pizza oven making its debut this weekend!  Furthermore, Uley’s Cabin will open for lunch starting this Friday and sleigh ride dinners begin on Wednesday, 12/20.  The Umbrella Bar at Ten Peaks will begin operating this Friday with the bar serving drinks starting at noon and then they’ll be open for lunch beginning this Saturday.