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Kurt Schrammel

  • BS in Mathematics and Economics (joint major), University of Pittsburgh
  • MPA, Nonprofit Concentration, Suffolk University

Where were you born and / or raised? 
Born and raised in Lehigh Valley, PA, but have also called the following places home: Pittsburgh, PA, Washington, DC metro, Boston metro, London (UK), Philadelphia metro, and Boulder, CO.

What's your favorite quote or something that you live by? 
Life isn’t a dress rehearsal.

How long have you been skiing / snowboarding? 
I first started skiing when I was around 16 years old, and went maybe once or twice a year.  I didn’t increase my skiing to a handful times a season until I was 27-ish, and then it really kicked up a notch when I moved to CO at age 37.

How did you come to work with the Adaptive Sports Center? How long have you lived in Crested Butte? 
​I’ve been admiring ASC from afar for about a decade when I was vacationing here about once or twice a year.  Then in 2018, my family and I moved to the Crested Butte area to become full time residents. In the late-Fall of 2018, I wanted to get involved in the Crested Butte community and I took a part-time job at a local ski shop, and also began volunteering at the Adaptive Sports Center on Fridays.  (That season, Fridays were often the best day of the week for me!) Towards the end of the ski season, there was a job posting for ASC in the business office and I submitted my application.  My first day on the job was April 24, 2019… it was an awesome day.

Why did you choose to work with people with disabilities? 
I don’t work in that sphere on a daily basis, but I thoroughly enjoy getting out on lessons every now and then!

What's your favorite thing about working at the Adaptive Sports Center? 
Seeing how the passion of ASC stakeholders feeds into the care by and professionalism of the staff, which in turn creates impactful experiences for our participants...  which stokes the passion of our stakeholders even more.  It’s an amazing synergy to witness and be a part of.

What do you do in your free time? 
Typical mountain town stuff… hiking, mountain biking, fat biking, road biking, resort skiing, backcountry skiing, photography, cooking

What's a fun fact about yourself? 
For about 5 seasons, I was on the “chain crew” for University of Colorado home football games.


970-349-2296, ext 112