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Winter Programming Internship

Winter Internship Application

In this role you will put on a pair of skis and assist participants and instructors on the mountain. Winter Programming Interns learn the ins and outs of skiing, snowboarding, and other adaptive winter sports! No two days are the same for an intern at the Adaptive Sports Center. You will be required to participate both on the mountain and in the office. Beginning in mid-December and ending in mid-April, you will have the rare chance to experience a full ski season in the best ski town in North America.

On the mountain, interns start by assisting in lessons, gaining the experience to eventually become an adaptive instructor. Through attending various clinics and experiencing daily lessons with participants, Winter Programming Interns will have the opportunity to learn about various disabilities and the adaptations utilized for each unique individual.

Interns are expected to be in the office at least once a week. Tasks involve organizing participant paperwork and files, welcoming walk-ins, scheduling future participants, and assisting volunteers and staff members in day-to-day logistics. This is a popular non-clinical therapeutic recreation internship for students who need field experience to become Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists.

Each intern will take lead for the many groups that visit the ASC during the winter. The Roger Pepper Adventure Camp for Teen Burn Survivors, Operation Rise and Conquer, and Ladies Session are just some examples of the dynamic groups you will meet.

For any questions please email Richard Paylor at or call (970)-349-2296.