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Gabe Walker

Headshot of Gabe Walker
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Experience Design & Management from Brigham Young University, Minor in Nonprofit Management
  • Outdoor Industry Masters of Business Administration from Western Colorado University
  • Nonprofit Leadership Alliance CNP

Gabe out Nordic skiing.    Gabe rock climbing.

Gabe out foraging for mushrooms.


Hometown: Nampa, ID and Ogden, UT

Favorite Quote: “Along the way you will most likely stumble and fall--perhaps many, many times. You are not perfect; falling is part of the qualifying process that allows you to refine your character and serve in a more compassionate way.” - Gary E. Stevenson


  1. What led you to join the ASC team?
    When I moved to Crested Butte in 2020, the first question people would ask me was what degree I had recently graduated with. After a quick description of what I had studied the most common response was “Oh! You should work for Adaptive! That would be right up your alley!” Enough people suggested I apply that I started to watch the website for available positions. When I saw the Development Coordinator position, I hopped right on it!
  2. What is your favorite part about working for the ASC?
    I love to help others gain a passion for our mission, then act on that passion. Whether it’s choosing to become a donor, volunteering with us, or bringing a loved one to participate, helping others become passionate, lifelong members of our ASC family, is my passion.
  3. What’s a fun fact about you?
    I have 8 years of formal ballroom dance training, which includes 2 National Championships.


970-349-2296, ext 104